Honda Powered Portable Winches



Powered by Honda’s 35 cc 4-stroke all position engine, this winch offers great reliability but with added transportability. This innovative machine is unparalleled on the market and is ideal in the arborist industry. Perfect for clearing dead-fall, and controlled pruning among other things. The winch has the strength to pull over 1500 lb. on a single line, while at the same time, weighing only 20 lb. making it easy to transport and use in remote area away from access of vehicles or electricity.

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Powered by Honda’s 50 cc 4-stroke engine, this winch has pulling capacity of over 2200 lb. and that number can easily be doubled using a block and pulley system. This product is ideal for arborists. The winch has the ability to pull out stumps, remove deadfall from high density areas, and lifting and moving logs among other things with ease. The PCW5000 weighs 35 lb. and pulls the line at an impressive 40 feet per minute.

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