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NGR 14 Ultra Ring Sling 5FT

    NGR 14 Ultra Ring Sling 5FT


    Length - 5ft

    Rope - Yale Optimus 1/2" Green

    Hardware - NGR 14 (Small) Tylaska Ring

    Simplicity at its finest, no knots, just tuck the NGR 14 Ring through a pocket and install a rigging line.
    As beautiful as it is functional, A go to sling for any tree rigging hero. 
    NGR 14 found HERE


    Diameter 1/2" - 13mm
    Construction  Hollow braid
    Strength 13,500 lb.
    Strands 12 strand double carrier (24strands)
    Materials Polyester
    Elongation 1% elongation at 10% ABS


    UPC - 06606641