DMM Boa Durolock Carabiner
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    DMM Boa Durolock Carabiner


    Oversized, yet still ergonomic and user-friendly, the Boa is ideally suited to applications where large connector volume and gate clearance are required. The large HMS shape allows for easy rotation of Italian hitches in tension rigging applications and the smooth curved internal form makes rotating the carabiner through attachment eyes simple.

    The Durolock (Dual Rotor Lock) was designed to minimise the chances of accidental gate opening, and maximise levels of security. Its complex, yet easy to manipulate gate requires four distinct actions to open, and once released auto locks back to safe. It is perfect for complex/busy rigging applications.

    Variant Strength (Gate Closed) Gate Opening Weight Colour Cat no
    Boa 30kN Durolock 30kN 19mm 115g BLT A904