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DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric

    DMM Hitch Climber Eccentric


    Hitch Climber Eccentric High performance geometry The eccentric geometry and fully-featured design of the Hitch Climber Eccentric is an evolution for the classic Hitch Climber system. It will advance your friction hitch earlier and fairlead your rope better for greater efficiency. The optimised fairlead flairs direct rope towards the sheave and improve slack handling. Precision engineered to be very strong, light and rope friendly it has a striking design aesthetic. For friction hitch work positioning systems, whether with moving or stationary rope, it is the epitome of refinement. FEATURES - New pushing plates advance friction hitches earlier and more efficiently - Optimised fairlead flairs - Three hole rig plate facilitates wide range of positioning systems and neatly organises connectors - Hot forged and CNC machined aluminium side plates - Large diameter high stiffness stainless steel axle assembly - Large sheave with efficient roller bearing - Corrosion resistant and tamper proof assembly - Available with DMM iD - Patent pending


    Product Code PUL500

    Weight 176g MBS 32kN WLL 6kN

    Sheave Diameter 42mm

    Sheave Tread Diameter 28mm

    Min Rope Diameter 7mm

    Max Rope Diameter 14mm

    Dimensions (W x H x D) 76 x 99 x 44mm