S.A.K.A. Mini Max/ CT Quik Step combo
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    S.A.K.A. Mini Max/ CT Quik Step combo


    S.A.K.A Mini Max
    The best of the original plus the best of the mini
    for the most versatile and efficient ascender available!
    Use it as a mini or use it as the MAX

    • Super stretch bungee with Dyneema cover and solid rubber core for improved performance and wear resistance.
    • Non load-bearing doubled bungee stiff tether, for quick rebound and easy bungee replacement. (MAX)
    • Adjustable load bearing tether for maximum versatility to meet any reasonable stride or climbing conditions.
    • Long legs, short legs, walking or running, competing or working, the mini-MAX will suit your needs.

    Ascender for the right or left foot

    Main characteristics:

    • cam / lever mechanism fully integrated into the body;
    • self-cleaning cam that enables the functioning even on dirty or icy ropes;
    • fully adjustable webbing for the correct positioning on the boot;
    • reinforcement on the lower side with a tubular webbing;
    • ideal for working at height and tree climbing,