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Sugihara 20″ Pro Lam – .325 .050 81 drive links
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    Sugihara 20″ Pro Lam – .325 .050 81 drive links


    These bars are similar to Oregon Pro Lite and Pro Am and Stihl Rollamatic chainsaw bars. A sandwich construction with two pieces of steel welded together and the internal space filled with a punched blank. These bars have been designed to run Oregon 95TXL chain. This chain cuts a narrower kerf, similar to a 3/8″ Lo Pro chain, but is still on a .325 chassis so it is not necessary to change the drive sprocket.

    Chain spec .325 .050 – 81 drive links

    Fits the following chainsaws:


    024, MS240
    026, MS260, MS261
    027, MS270, MS271
    028, MS280, MS281, MS291

     Part Number ST2M-0J50P-A

    Weight 1050 g