Teufelberger epicord 9.3mm

    Teufelberger epicord 9.3mm


    TEUFELBERGER’s hitch cord epiCORD is the latest addition to the Hitch Line product family and impresses with its kernmantle design.

    It comes with a tight cover of a polyester/Technora® mix that offers increased protection for the lightweight but heat sensitive core. 

    The polyester-Technora® cover is flexible enough to ensure good knotability. The core of the epiCORD is a blend of Technora® and Dyneema®, braided in a special balance. Therefore you can release the knot, whenever you need to.

    epiCORD excels due to:

    • Flexibility
    • Good knotability
    • Very good handling
    • Warning acc. to catalog

    epiCORD comes in three sizes (8 mm, 9.3 mm, and 10 mm) and thus accommodates the different preferences of arborists!


    This product can be damaged when exposed to heat. When exposed to temperatures ≥ 70°C, it will sustain a relevant loss in breaking force. This can cause falls from a height, especially in the case of long descents. Therefore, never use epiCORD for rappelling

    from large heights. Users must assess for each individual case of use whether or not the product is suited for it. The rope must be stored at room temperature and must not be exposed to any heat sources.


    Standard: ANSI Z133
    Core: Technora®/Dyneema®
    Cover: polyester/Technora®
    Plait number: 32