Teufelberger tRex Ploopie

Teufelberger tRex Ploopie

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tREX Ploopies

Endless sling with pulley for rigging applications

For more lightweight rigging applications, our tree care portfolio now includes our tREX endless slings with a pulley from DMM.


Lengths: 1m (4 FT), 2m (7 FT)
Standard: Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC as amended
Cover: polyester
Plait number: 12

Made in

Our tREX Ploopies certified to the Machinery Directive are one of our newest endless slings with pulley for rigging applications.

The Rig Pulley supplied by DMM is already installed in the tREX Ploopies. The tREX Ploopies are available in the following diameters: 11.5 mm (7/16 inch) and 12.7 mm (½ inch). Please keep in mind that the breaking force of 12.7 mm (½ inch) Ploopies is limited to 50 kN because of the pulley.

Our tREX Ploopies impress with their:

  • Suppleness
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High-vis
  • Color fastness
Min. breaking strength, pull in 0°
Min. breaking strength, pull in 0°
11.10 7/16 3,700 8,320
12.70 1/2 4,800 10,790

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