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West Coast Climber Flip Line Kit

    West Coast Climber Flip Line Kit


     West Coast Climber Flip Line Kit

    West Coast Climber wire core flip lines have Free Flex end terminations

    to minimize the in-use wire rope axial fatigue. This provides the

    climber with the safest possible end termination. 

    *7/32 Galvanized Wire Rope

    *Free Flemish Splice

    *5/16 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimble

    *16 Strand Polyester Cover

    *Breaking Strength- 5,600 lb

    Made in Canada 

    Wire Core Lanyard Kits Available in 12FT, 15FT, & 18FT, Includes Gibbs #4B Ascender (5/8 to 3/4 rope- 5650LBS) & Rock Exotica Pirate Up Gate Carabiner.

    7 days lead time for 18FT 

    Wire Core Prusik can be found HERE