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West Coast Climber Suspenders

    West Coast Climber Suspenders


      West Coast Climber Suspenders 

      Made with Industrial black plated suspender clips. Their molded teeth ensure that they hold tight without damaging your clothing. To attach, flip open the front tab to access the teeth, slip over the material. Then close the front tab to lock the clip closed creating a secure hold. These herringbone suspender clips feature a black plating, which on top of giving them a stylish appearance, helps protect them from rust and weathering.

      Includes Suspender slides that allow users to adjust the length of the suspender and hold it in place. These suspender slides move easily on the suspender strap. When at the desired length, they can be folded down to lock them firmly into place. They also feature a black plating which, on top of giving them a sleek and stylish appearance, protect them from rust and corrosion.

       Sizing for Heights 5'6-6'2

       Made in Canada