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West Coast Climber Wire Core 1/2

    West Coast Climber Wire Core 1/2" Flip Line Kit


     West Coast Climber 1/2" Flip Line Kit

    West Coast Climber wire core flip lines have Free Flex end terminations

    to minimize the in-use wire rope axial fatigue. This provides the

    climber with the safest possible end termination. 16 strand cover By Samson Ropes

    *7/32 Galvanized Wire Rope

    *Free Flemish Splice

    *5/16 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Thimble

    *16 Strand Polyester Cover By Samson Ropes

    *Breaking Strength- 5,600 lb

    Made in Canada 

    Wire Core Lanyard Kits Available in 10FT, 12FT, & 15FT, Includes Rock Exotica Ascender & Rock Exotica Pirate Up Gate Carabiner. 

    **Carabiner my vary** Ascender may vary**

    **This product does not ship to the U.S.A.**