Yale Polydyne 1/2

    Yale Polydyne 1/2" Red


    Polydyne is a double-braided rope that utilizes a polyester sleeve over a nylon core. Despite the dissimilar stretch characteristics of these fibers, Yale engineers have produced constructions where both fibers contribute.

    The resulting rope has high breaking strength and more stretch in its working load range, which in many applications is a plus. Polydyne is up to taking more dynamic abuse without being degraded prematurely. Take special note of the working energy-absorption rating, which is the amount of energy a rope absorbs before reaching its working load. The ultimate energy absorption of this rope is also correspondingly high. All this and a tough polyester jacket make this a long-wearing rope with extraordinary dynamic capabilities.

    Polydyne is used in a variety of dynamic industrial applications for its high breaking strength, more stretch in its working load range, high ultimate energy absorption and tough polyester jacket.

    Polydyne is used by arborists as a rigger's line with high working energy absorption and a tough cover to resist damage.

    Polydyne is used in pleasure marine as an anchoring or mooring rope.

    Hand Splicing Available