Yale XTC Fire 16 strand 1/2 inch
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    Yale XTC Fire 16 strand 1/2 inch


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    12mm (1/2”) • 16-strand • 6,200 ABS • 1.4% elongation at 10% ABS • 7.5 lb per 100' • spliceable

    XTC 16-strand is one of the brightest arborist ropes you'll ever see. Reviews of this rope from tree climbers are great; it handles well, is firm, and very easy to spot in dense foliage.

    This line is specifically designed for the demanding needs of arborists, embodying the same characteristics of XTC ropes Yale has made for the last two decades. With a full splash of bright, high visibility yellow, orange and red fibers, XTC Fire is made from extrusion-dyed polyester, resulting in permanent coloration that won't fade or run with use. The tightly-woven 16-strand construction with a high twist core of torque-balanced polyester keeps the line firm and round, providing an extra measure of safety and performance. This Spliceable line is available in 1/2” diameter with an average breaking strength of 6,200 pounds.